“Regina is a force of nature, she is compassionate and kind, resilient and remarkably intelligent. We stood in awe and watched her deliver an amazing TED Talk. She captivated the audience speaking from personal experience and how she has transformed hardship into a vessel for good – to spread joy. Her message and the principles behind the Children’s Cancer Association are a beacon for hope in our community.”
– David Rae, Chief Curator & Executive Producer – TEDxPortland

“Regina is one of the most sincere and magnetic souls I have ever encountered.  Her story is raw and real.  In an instant, you are captured by her overwhelming positivity.  Some people speak to you.  Regina invites you in and somehow makes you feel like a special individual in a crowd of hundreds.  She enables you to feel empowered to take your world, like she took on hers.  You leave Regina’s presence with the strength to make a difference.”
– Aaron Cooper, Nike, Innovation Design Director

“Authentic. Her story is real, painful, yet transformatively powerful. When Regina Ellis speaks, you can’t help but to listen – and listen intensely. From the death of her daughter Alex, Regina harnessed life’s tragedy and emerged with the indelible power to deliver joy to thousands of children nationwide.  Regina’s story is one that no parent wants to live. But, it’s a story that none of us should live without.”
– Scott Burton, Director, Community and Business Relations, Regence

“Regina’s story will stop you in your tracks. She generously shares her journey of losing her young daughter to cancer and how she propelled her grief to create an enduring organization that spreads joy. Regina’s deeply personal and powerful story arrests and ignites anyone who hears it.”
– Katherine Durham, Vice President, Individual Disability Insurance and Corporate Marketing & Communications, The Standard

“Regina’s enthusiasm and passion is simply infectious.  She commands a room and captures people’s attention through her deeply personal and rich story.  We are all affected by cancer in some way during our lives.  Listening to Regina describe how she turned a personal tragedy into work that has affected thousands of children and families is just inspiring.  You’ll be compelled to walk out of the room sharing joy.”
– Pete Baker, Vice President, Software & Services Group, Platform & Application Engineering Director, Intel Corp 

“I first met Regina at the kick off board meeting for MyMusicRx. She spoke to me with a calmness and bubbled with enthusiasm at the prospects of how MyMusicRx could help bring joy to children’s lives. A few months later as we hosted the 1st annual MyMusicRx event at the FADER FORT at SXSW, Regina invited me to introduce the artists and address the standing room only crowd to our mission. It was the first time I would publicly speak about my own previous battle with cancer. As I was speaking my emotions got the best of me, Regina didn’t miss a beat. As if she were Wonder Woman she swooped in grabbed the mike and put her arm around me. She stood by me and didn’t let me falter. Through her kindness and uplifting spirit she carried me through the rest of the introduction. She is a leader whose excitement is infectious and energy is boundless.”
– Rob Stone, Co-CEO, cornerstone/The Fader

“When Regina speaks, you can hear a pin drop in the room.  Her story is so authentic, so captivating, so engaging.  She communicates both the heart-rending realities of unbearable hardship, and the inspirational story of taking what life gives you, and turning it into a positive, lasting legacy. Her approachable, humble nature pulls the audience in, and instills hope, joy and a sense of purpose into us all.”
– Paul Gulick, Co-Founder, In-Focus, Founder, Clarity Visual Systems

“Regina’s passion, courage and vision to make joyful things happen is amazing. Audience members start to really think about the power of one person. Everyone can make a difference in this world with their own strengths and passions. She also makes us think about living life with bit more urgency.  Realizing that you can’t control life, but we can control how we rebound. Becoming more intentional about living and crafting our “To Live List” and being motivated to check things off. You will leave seeing your life through a difference lens considering what really matters and how you can leave a stronger legacy.”
– Allison Clarke, President, Allison Clarke Consulting

“I have known Regina Ellis since 1998 and seen her speak in public many times. Whether addressing a small gathering of local business people and medical professionals, or a school gym filled with hundreds of teenagers, Regina is dynamic, empathetic, and eloquent. Regina has a unique ability to evoke both passion and compassion in her listeners, to touch the heart and engage the mind and spirit. Regina can energize, teach, rally, challenge, and inspire!”
– Paul Hogan, Principal, Jesuit High School

“Regina is a natural leader, motivator and communicator. Her passion is real and her story is incredibly compelling. It takes a very unique person to turn tragedy into something that has blessed so many children and their families, to me, she is one-of-a-kind.”
– Bob Proffitt, President / CEO, Alpha Media